Headquarters: 4026 Debrecen, Péterfia u. 4. I/106.

Site: 4211 Ebes, Vedres dűlő 2.

Headquarters: +36-52-414-375

Site: +36-52-419-950

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Business hours

  • Headquarters (H-4026 - Debrecen, Péterfia utca 4. I./106.) - 8:00-16:00 every working day.
  • Site (H-4211 - Ebes, Vedres dűlő 2.) - 7:30-15:30 every working day.


Information on purchasing


  1. Contact our headquarters under H-4026 - Debrecen, Péterfia utca 4. I./106. for the quantity of available products (via telephone or e-mail).
  2. Request for quotation
  3. Ordering


Cash payment

  1.  At our site under H-4211 - Ebes, Vedres dűlő 2. Receipt created and handed over at the site. Purchasing with register receipt is not possible.
  2. Receipt of products at our site under H-4211 - Ebes, Vedres dűlő 2.
  3. We do not accept credit bank cards.


Prepayment by bank transfer

  1. Please provide the following data for creating the invoice::
    • Company: Company data (Company name, address, tax number (in case the purchase is for outside Hungary, but in the EU, EU tax number)).
    • Private person: private data (name, address).
  2. Based on the proform invoice the assigned price must be transferred to our bank account. The bank transfer should be completed before shipping. Please inquire at our main office whether the bank transfer has been completed, because if it hasn’t, we cannot hand the product over.
  3. Provide information on the shipping vehicle.
  4. Receipt of products at our site under H-4211 - Ebes, Vedres dűlő 2.
  5. Based on the provided data, making delivery note and CMR. In case of a company, stamp is needed, without a stamp, we cannot hand the ordered product over.
  6. The receipt is made in the headquarters, which we send to the customer.

Important: All orders can be received at the site under H-4211 - Ebes, Vedres dűlő 2. We cannot hand over ordered items at our headquarters.



  • Our company can only deliver your order if it is enough to fill up a truck (18 pallets). In case of a smaller order, the customer must arrange the transportation of the products. The time of delivery must be arranged ahead.



Our twines are packaged onto 110x130 pallets:

  • 5 kg rolls: 210 rolls in 7 rows, with a 190cm - 200cm height, or 240 rolls in 8 rows with a 215cm - 225cm height.
  • 10 kg rolls: 120 rolls in 6 rows, with a 200cm - 210cm height.


Exchange pallets

  • We accept exchange pallets if they are in good condition and have the same properties as the ones that we use. We cannot accept pallets of another type (i.e. Euro pallets). In any other cases the pallets are also billed.

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