Headquarters: 4026 Debrecen, Péterfia u. 4. I/106.

Site: 4211 Ebes, Vedres dűlő 2.

Headquarters: +36-52-414-375

Site: +36-52-419-950

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Plant production and selling

The company’s agricultural activity is performed on 600 hectares of company owned high quality land, and wildlife management is conducted on 5000 hectares.

Due to the investments and technological developments, agriculture became and important and diverse field of our company. The majority of land is concentrated around our site. Over the past years wheat, corn and sunflower were produced here, while on 150 hectares of irrigable land we produce peas and sweet corn.

Our agricultural machine park is renewed each year: along with CLAAS combines we have acquired two high performance FENDT 930s.

With constant improvements and outstanding work, we can ensure a successful and profitable future.


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