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Site: 4211 Ebes, Vedres dűlő 2.

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Manufacturing and selling baler twine

AGROTEX Kft. has been a leading twine manufacturer in Hungary over the past 30 years. 70-80% of the local agriculture’s twine need is fulfilled by our company.

Our factory is on a 30 hectare area in the border of Debrecen, where with the use of advanced infrastructure, 3000-5000 tons of polypropylene twines of different types are produced annually.

The twines are manufactured on 2 lines, with 35 SIMA twisting machines. The finished (5 kg) rolls are packed individually by SIMA packaging machines.

The twine making lines and their performance:

  1. SIMA (5 tonnes/day);
  2. STARLINGER (4.5 tonnes/day);

Our company’s quality policy is to always improve and modernize the technology of our manufacturing machines.

According to our environmental policies we introduced environmentally friendly manufacturing technologies for the production of specific products.

You can find more details on our baler twines under “Products”.


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